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Acceptable Documentation

  • Driver's License or Passport AND one of the following:
  • Original, Legal Documents or Certified Copies Verifying Name Change
    • Marriage License
    • Divorce Documents
    • Naturalization Papers
    • Court Order
    • Birth Certificate (This can only be used for students who are asking to have spelling errors in their given name corrected. To change a married name back to a maiden name, legal documentation other than birth certificate must be provided.)

International Student Name Changes

In addition to providing the above documentation, International students must also first obtain a signature on the Bio/Demo Change form from their International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) advisor. ISSS is located at 1306 Stanford Drive, Whitten University Center, Suite 2275. Once the signature is obtained, the form may then be submitted with the legal documentation to the Office of the University Registrar.