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Check the status of your diploma order here. This will appear ONLY after your diploma has been ordered. Diplomas are not ordered until all financial holds have been cleared.

Participation in the Commencement Ceremony or the listing of a student’s name in the Commencement Book in no way implies or ensures graduation. A student’s graduation is contingent upon successful completion of the degree requirements and approval by the academic school or college.

If there are no holds, diplomas are ordered automatically the following week after the degree is posted to your transcript. Diplomas are mailed directly from the printing company to the address entered in CaneLink at the time you applied for graduation. Once the order is placed, it may take up to two additional weeks to receive your diploma.

Degree Status

Verify that your degree is posted through CaneLink. Under the Student/Academic tab, select Degree Information under Graduation Information. If it does not display your degree under “Degrees Previously Earned”, your degree is not yet posted. If you have any problems accessing CaneLink, please contact IT at 305-284-6565, option 1.

Please note that posting degrees may take several weeks after graduation and Graduate degrees may take longer due to the fact that they must be approved by both the academic department and the Graduate School. Please contact your school or college regarding the status of your degree.

Diploma Address

The diploma will be mailed to the address you select when you submit your application for graduation on CaneLink. If there are any changes after the application is submitted, you must notify the Office of the Registrar in person or in writing of the new address for your diploma. You can update your address on CaneLink, and then send an email to diploma.rg@miami.edu and request your diploma to be mailed to your new address.

Diploma Name

The name on your diploma will default to the official name on your student record in Canelink. If you prefer a variation of your official name or have diacritical marks to add, please complete the bio/demo update form

If you choose a variation of your official name, the name on your diploma will not match the name on your transcript. We cannot change the name on your transcript from your official name in Canelink. 

No nicknames are allowed.

Acceptable name variations:

These variations do not require any legal documentation. To update your diploma name to something other than a variation of your official name, please update your official name.

Official Name 

Jane Ann Smith

  • Jane Ann Smith
  • Jane A. Smith
  • Jane Smith

Official Name

Jane A. Smith

  • Jane A. Smith
  • Jane Smith

Official Name

Jane Smith

  • Jane Smith

Duplicate Diplomas

Diplomas are ordered once per week and mailed directly from the printing company. Once the order is placed, it may take up to two additional weeks to receive your diploma.

Apostille of Diploma

Process for Apostille of Diplomas for foreign countries

For information regarding obtaining Apostille Certification for your diploma, click here and select “Apostille” located on the left under Popular Links.

Notary Details

Undergraudate Degrees

We notarize original undergraduate degrees.

Graduate Degrees

For graduate degrees, due to the size we will have to notarize a copy of it. In order to do this, you must either send us the original and we will make the copy or order a new original to be sent to us and we will make the copy.

Process Options

Option A

  1. Send your diploma with an address for return mailing and a request for notarization to the Office of the University Registrar.
  2. We notarize your diploma and send the notarized diploma back to you. 
  3. You send everything in for the Apostille.

Option B

You send us everything to forward to Tallahassee for the Apostille after we notarize the diploma. This includes:

  1. A cover letter stating the name of the country in which the documents will be used and requesting the apostille,
  2. A check made out to the “Department of State” covering the required fee
  3. A self-addressed, stamped envelope for them to return it to you
  4. An addressed envelope for us to send to Tallahassee (See above website for address and fees)
For additional questions regarding this process, please email registrar@miami.edu.