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Classrooms and Spaces are used for class instruction, study or other like activity.  Events in General Purpose Classrooms must be compatible with the academic nature of classrooms and academic buildings. Non-class events are welcomed, but they must not adversely impact the classroom, its contents, or the surrounding area.

Activities that are not compatible with Indoor General Purpose Classrooms include amplified music, dances, dinners, parties and events that require re-furnishing of rooms or removal of equipment. Non-compatible events include any event that adversely impacts the classroom directly, or that impacts research, study or other academic pursuits in areas adjacent to classrooms. Please see Room Use Expectations for more detailed information.

Activities which include music, dances, dinners and parties are permitted in General Purpose Outdoor Spaces and the Cox Science building Lobby.

General Purpose Classrooms/Spaces can only be reserved by

  • Academic Departments and Schools
  • University Administration
  • Student Organizations registered and in good standing with C.O.S.O. (Committee on Student Organizations). If you have questions on whether or not your organization qualifies please reference the C.O.S.O. organization list located on the University of Miami website.

Press and Media

The Division of University Communications at the University of Miami is responsible for officially communicating information regarding the University’s achievements, faculty research, programs, and events to the local, regional, national, and international news media. If you are planning to host an event in any General Purpose Classroom with any affiliated press or media in attendance, you are required to obtain the appropriate University of Miami approval before reserving any General Purpose Classroom. Failure to do so will be grounds for immediate cancellation of your event.

University of Miami
Division of University Communications

Priority for Events in General Purpose Classrooms

  1. Academic events, specifically classes, discussion sections, department seminars, review sessions and exams
  2. School departments and University administration events
  3. Student group special events, including guest lectures, fundraisers, workshops and recruitment meetings
  4. Student group weekly meetings
  5. School and Departmental Sponsored Programs
  6. Rehearsals for student group shows, concerts and performances

If an event request is submitted that has priority over a confirmed event, the confirmed event has the potential to lose its space confirmation.  Every effort will be made by OCM to relocate the event to a comparable space.

There are no “guaranteed” spaces for events other than academic events. The Office of Classroom Management reserves the right to adjust or deny room confirmations.

Requests for General Purpose Classroom or Outdoor Space

All event space requests must be submitted at least one week prior to the event start date.  If there is an urgent last minute event request, please submit the Request Form as usual and then contact OCM directly at (305) 284-4846.

Requests are processed on a first come, first serve basis after the second week of the semester. There are no “guaranteed” spaces for events other than academic events. The Office of Classroom Management reserves the right to adjust or deny room confirmations.

Events will not be scheduled on official University holidays. Events during student breaks will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

The Office of Classroom Management reserves the right to cancel a scheduled event in General Purpose Classrooms in the event of a campus emergency.

General Purpose Classroom and Space Open Hours

Monday – Friday:
Residential Colleges cannot be scheduled after 5pm.

(*) The General Purpose Classrooms will be extending reservation time until 11:00pm, Mon - Fri, for the FALL 2019 academic term.   Please note that no A/V technical support will be available after 10:00pm.

Saturday – Sunday:

  • Residential Colleges cannot be scheduled.
  • Buildings are open one half hour before the start of the first event in the building.
  • Buildings are closed less than one half hour after the end time of the last event in the building.
  • Weekday open/close hours apply if the space is booked for the entire day.

Room Use Expectations

All users of classrooms/spaces are expected to leave the classroom/spaces and its equipment in good order. Good order includes the following where applicable:

  • Chairs, desks and tables straightened
  • Electronic “podium” equipment ( computer restarted and Windows Operating System selected)
  • Removing everything one came in with such as newspapers, handouts, beverage/food containers (in Outdoor spaces), etc.

Users are expected to take extra care that no damage is done to classrooms (aesthetics, classroom furniture or media equipment) and that the room is returned to a class-ready condition. The use of candles and the taping of floors are not permitted.

Removing furniture from any classroom or outdoor space (even if it is intended for use in an alternative classroom), regardless of type of event (academic vs. non-academic), is not permitted.

Food and Beverage

The General Purpose classrooms are intended to be used as classrooms. They are not intended for banquets, catered events, dinners, parties or meeting rooms. As such, no food or beverages are allowed in the Indoor Classrooms.

Food and Beverage are allowed in the Cox Science Building Lobby and the Outdoor Spaces but must be removed after the event.

Classroom Telephones

Each classroom is equipped with a telephone. In the event of a medical emergency dial 911. If there is an issue with the assigned space, the computer equipment or you have a non-medical emergency, simply pick up the phone and press the appropriate button:

  • GCA – custodial services
  • Facilities Customer Service – temperature control, physical classroom issues such as a broken light or window
  • OCM Classroom Support or IT – issues with computer equipment or A/V
  • UM Police Department - non-medical emergencies

Temperature Control

The Office of Classroom Management relies on Facilities Management to provide for temperature control and ventilation of rooms. If you find the room uncomfortable, call Facilities Customer Service at (305) 284-8282 from a cellular phone or press the button for Facilities Customer Service from the classroom telephone.

Classroom A/V Support

Prior to your event date, if you are in need of training on the audio visual (A/V) and computer equipment located in the room, please contact the OCM Classroom Support at 305-284-3263 for assistance.

Service & Assistance Animals

The Office of Classroom Management (OCM) adhere to the campus accessibility guidelines:

Please notify OCM immediately if any changes are made to your event (date, start/end time, number of guests) after a space has been assigned by OCM to your event as we will need to reprocess your reservation.

If your organization fails to comply with the OCM Space Policy, our office reserves the right to no longer reserve space for you or your organization and may charge you for any damages to the space and/or equipment.

All classroom requests should be made through the online form and will not be processed if submitted via email or phone call.